The Billion Dollar Homepage 🚀
$1 per pixel | Own a piece of AI 🤖 history!


What is the purpose of The Billion Dollar Homepage?

The purpose of The Billion Dollar Homepage is to raise $1B+ dollars through selling pixels for ads and sponsorships, which will be reinvested back into AI companies and technologies.

How will this happen?

Every grid on the website comprises a bit more than 1 million pixels. The initial grid is priced at $1 per pixel. When all pixels of this first grid are sold, a new grid is launched. The price for each pixel on this second grid will be $2. The pricing pattern continues, with each subsequent grid seeing a $1 increase in the cost per pixel.

With the launch of every new grid, additional features will be added to the platform. These features aim to elevate the platform's value and make it a more attractive experience.

This process is designed to continue indefinitely, with the hope that AI companies, even those as far as Mars, will purchase pixels to promote their innovative AI technologies.

What will happen with the $1B+ dollars?

The revenue generated from The Billion Dollar Homepage isn't destined for ordinary ends. Instead, it's set to fuel the future of AI. The funds will be used to support the development of innovative AI companies, creating a recursive investment cycle that promotes continuous growth within the AI sector.

The project also plans to establish a research lab dedicated to advancing AI technologies with a grand vision of enhancing the human species.