The Billion Dollar Homepage 🚀
$1 per pixel | Own a piece of AI 🤖 history!

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In a crowded marketplace, the top AI companies, software, and tools need to stand out in a unique way. The Billion Dollar Homepage is a great way to get your brand in front of millions of people.

The Billion Dollar Homepage is a pixel grid. Each pixel is available to buy for $1. Once you buy a pixel, you can display an image, logo, or ad on it. You can also link the image to a URL of your choice. The image will be displayed on the homepage for at least 5 years.

After each grid is sold out, the price will increase by $1. The price will never decrease. The price is currently $1 per pixel.

The minimum purchase is 16x16 pixels, or $256. You can think of this as 1 square block on the grid. You can buy as many pixels as you want in 16 pixel increments, given the remaining pixels on the grid.

To buy pixels, fill out the form below. You will receive an invoice to complete the purchase and your ad will be loaded within 24-48 hours.

Only AI companies, software, and tools are allowed

Your website or app must be related to AI and it must be prominent on your website. This is the dawn of a new era and we want to showcase the best AI companies, software, and tools available.

No adult content, gambling, or illegal content is allowed. If the URL ever becomes obsolete or redirects to another URL not of the original purpose, the pixels and link will be removed, resold, or reserved for other uses. Once payment has processed, there are no refunds.